While most health and wellness buyers are aware of probiotics and their overall benefits, research done by Culturelle® probiotics showed a lot of confusion around the key benefits of probiotic supplements. 

Questions ranged from the efficacy of specific strains to the difference between supplements and probiotic enriched foods and from the number of Colony Forming Units (CFUs) to single vs. multi-strain supplements. 

To educate consumers on probiotics, Culturelle® created a series of videos to help consumers understand probiotics in a new way while differentiating Culturelle® from its competitors. 

The five-part, long-form video series followed two probiotic police officers, Culturelle® and LGG®, as they helped fight crimes against the digestive and immune systems, setting the facts straight about probiotics. 

The series received of 2.5 million views and boasted a completion rate of 77% above industry standards.